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Monday Motivation – Change

Happy Monday guys! Back with another Monday Motivation post and this weeks theme is: Change I think the biggest setback we can have when trying to implement change is focusing too hard on the past and what went wrong. Sometimes we can spend so long trying to fix something that we only end up hindering […]

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Monday Motivation: Being Your True Self

Happy Monday all, welcome back to another Monday Motivation post where I try to lesson the Monday dread for us all. This weeks theme: Being Your True Self. How often do we hear people use “just be yourself” as advice – all the time! First date? “Be yourself”…but don’t be too chatty or too shy […]

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Monday Motivation: The Best Time is Now

Monday, the day with the worst reputation and guilty for simply existing. Something I am trying to do lately is dread the start of the week a little less and try to see it as a start of a whole new week of potential. A lot can happen in 7 days after all. In that […]

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