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Monday Motivation: Friendship

Happy Monday all! Back with this weeks post, trying to bring a little energy boost to start off all our weeks in a good way. This weeks them is Friendship. A good friend is like a four leaf clover: Hard to find and lucky to have. Having good friendships can absolutely make your life that […]

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Monday Motivation: Living for the Now

Happy Monday all! Back with another post hoping to give a little boost of motivation to start the week. This weeks theme is: Living for the Now. We are a world full of over-thinkers. Playing different scenarios over and over in order to come to some kind of decision. Try to think for a second […]

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Monday Motivation: The Best Time is Now

Monday, the day with the worst reputation and guilty for simply existing. Something I am trying to do lately is dread the start of the week a little less and try to see it as a start of a whole new week of potential. A lot can happen in 7 days after all. In that […]

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