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Blogtober 2021 | Start Your Week Off Right

Happy Monday! What do you do to make sure you start your week off right? Are you a Monday lover or hater? On the one hand, it’s typically the start of a long working week and the end of a weekend off (shout out to weekend workers who don’t relate) but on the other, it’s […]

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Why You Need To Start Journaling In 2021

A week into the New Year, and for those of you from the UK like myself, it’s not been the best one. Yes, Lockdown 3.0 has begun, homeschooling is back, we remain humbly grateful to our key workers and everyone’s too over it to bake banana bread this time…On a serious note, many of the […]

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When in Doubt, Dance it out.

Sometimes, you just don’t feel okay. Theres no explanation for it, you’re just not quite yourself. Could be the impending second lockdown, could be the weather change or…it could be the pressures that come with trying to figure out what the hell you want to do with your life! This week I have felt just […]

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