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Do You Follow Your Head Or Your Heart?

Much of being an adult is actually having to make decisions based on what you want to do, versus what you probably should do. Otherwise known as the Heart vs Head debate. Imagine if our teen selves were in charge of our life decisions, without the knowledge of responsibilities, I’m sure we’d be more likely to follow our hearts.

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Monday Motivation: First Steps

Happy Monday everybody. A new week is upon us and for my UK followers, the first steps in 2021 to an ease in Covid restrictions. Happy rule of 6 day! Because of this I thought this weeks Monday Motivation theme of “First Steps” was most appropriate 🙂 The problem with change, planning or goal setting […]

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Why You Need To Start Journaling In 2021

A week into the New Year, and for those of you from the UK like myself, it’s not been the best one. Yes, Lockdown 3.0 has begun, homeschooling is back, we remain humbly grateful to our key workers and everyone’s too over it to bake banana bread this time…On a serious note, many of the […]

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