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Guest Post: 6 Lessons in Motherhood

Today we have a guest post from the ladies at QuirkyWorkinMoms. Thanks so much to Marissa and Amanda for this post. I have also posted over on their blog so check it out 🙂 One fun reason we decided to start this blog is because of the different knowledge we could bring to other moms […]

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Why Comparision is the Thief of Joy

We’ve all seen the quotes, the posts on social media from influencers telling us to practice self-love, to not let the perception of others make you feel any less than and to focus on your own path. All of which is sound advice but in practice how many of us are truly able to do […]

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How to end a Toxic Friendship

Friendships make our world go round just a little bit easier. A tough breakup, fighting with your family, work woes…your friends can be what see you through. Friends dry your tears when you cry, hype you up when you’re losing self belief, pick you up when you (metaphorically) fall, laugh when you (literally) fall….Through the […]

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