Happy Monday! What do you do to make sure you start your week off right? Are you a Monday lover or hater? On the one hand, it’s typically the start of a long working week and the end of a weekend off (shout out to weekend workers who don’t relate) but on the other, it’s a fresh start to a week with new potential!

Okay, maybe a bit of a stretch but hear me out. On our weekends or days off we are distracted. For good reason! Days out, nights out, TV and a takeaway, whatever your favourite way to spend a weekend is… it’s probably not working on your goals, looking for new opportunities, or working on side projects. That kind of motivation really only comes when you’re focused, ‘in the zone’ and prioritising work over leisure.

feed your focus, starve your distractions

So if like me, you normally groan at the thought of Monday, perhaps we need to switch our attitude slightly. Can you imagine what can get done if we spent 5 days focused on our goals? Even just a dedicated hour a day outside your normal job. Pretty huge I’d say. An hour a day. That’s all. Anything else is a bonus!

How to start your week off right

  • This week try and work on how much you allow yourself to get distracted. Downtime is so important, but so is prioritising your future and getting it done. Whatever it is. I promise you, your phone will still be there when you’re finished.
  • Try and stick to a consistent sleep routine. Go to bed at a similar time every night and wake up at a sensible time the next day – even if you don’t neccesarily have too! Routine is great for our mental health and keeping us focused.
  • Work from home? Get outside, even for 20 mins a day.
  • To-do lists. Plan out the night before what your main priorites for the next day will be.

Have a great week everybody!

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