I speak often about anxiety, self-care and how journaling can help with both. This month, for Blogtober, I’m going to talk through my favourite Autumn journal prompts.

Autumn Journal Prompts

Why Journaling?

For those that don’t typically do it, I can understand why journaling may seem like a chore. However, I also think the benefits of journaling can go somewhat underrated. Some of the benefits that I get from journalling are below:

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety. Keeping emotions or stresses bottled up inside can only last so long. Talking to other people about these things is so important but if you don’t feel ready or able, writing in a journal is an excellent way to let some of those stresses or worries free.
  2. Set Goals and Track Progress. Especially around New Year/Birthdays, journals are a great way to jot down your goals for the year ahead and continuously track progress.
  3. Work on your personal growth (and track negative behavioural patterns!) We’ve all heard the phrase “Hindsight is a wonderful thing’. Well journaling is a tool that can sometimes offer that hindsight by allowing you to look retrospectively at situations you have been in and learn from what happened. 
  4. Help heal negative experiences. If you are dealing with heavy trauma, professional therapy is always going to be the best road to recovery, but journaling also has some benefits in the healing process. The physical act of writing emotions and feelings down on paper is incredibly therapeutic and cathartic. 
  5. Clears and refocuses your mind. How often does your bad day(s) affect your ability to focus on work or even fall asleep? Journaling is a fabulous way to clear the mind, especially at night when thoughts can tend to run riot and keep you up ’till the early hours.

Autumn Journal Prompts

This Autumn, I’m challenging you to take up journaling if you haven’t already. To help get you started here are 20 autumn journal prompts:

  • 5 Things you’re grateful for this Autumn
  • 5 Things you love about Autumn
  • 5 Things you miss about Summer
  • 5 Things you’re looking forward to this season
  • 5 Things you have planned this season
  • 5 Goals for the rest of the year
  • 5 Foods you want to try this season
  • 5 Things you want to buy this season
  • What is your perfect autumnal day?
  • Your perfect halloween
  • Are you superstitious?
  • Do you have any ghost stories?
  • Things you do to stay positive
  • What is your skincare routine
  • Your favourite Autumn meals
  • You’re best Autumn memory
  • The best place to go on a cold day
  • Who do you love spending time with?
  • What is your favourite weather?
  • Plans for Christmas

Journal prompts are always very helpful in keeping me interested and invested in journalling. I’m much more likely to write if I have planned ahead.

I hope this was helpful to some of you! Do you journal? If so, do you find it rewarding?

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