At last, the best season has joined us. Autumn. Summer has its perks, but I’m over the interchangeable weather, the overheating and uncomfortable nights sleep (unless you have aircon). I’m also tired of trying to control the envy of beach holidays filling up my feed.

Darker evenings colder weather and cosy nights in…Autumn is well and truly underway. Anyone for a hot chocolate?

Staceylblogs Autumn night in

The Weather

Okay so those who crave the sun may disagree, but Autumn brings my favourite weather of the year. We spend the whole summer complaining about the lack of sun, only to get a blistering hot day and mona about that too! No judgement, I do it too! Let’s be honest complaining about the weather is a British rite of passage.

For Autumn, we have no expectations. Cool but not bitterly cold, mild but not warm and muggy. Bar the rainy days, it’s a treat!

The Walks

Is there anything more beautiful than walking through a woodland area with the leaves crunching at your feet? Bare trees and orange leaves make for a picture-perfect scenic route.

Staceylblogs autumn leaves

Views aside, breathing in the crisp, fresh air is surprisingly pleasing. So put on your walking shoes and get outside for a walk. Great for your mood and your Instagram feed.

The TV

Darker nights mean you’re more likely to stay in, which coincides with the best time for telly IMO. Bake off, Strictly, all the dramas…plus all your favourite shows across the pond are back from hiatus! Did I stay up late last night to watch the Greys Anatomy season premiere? Yes, I did and I have no regrets.

Not a TV fan? Movie season is pretty great too Scary movies, Harry Potter and those all-important Christmas movies. Autumn is the month that keeps on giving.

The Drinks

A little bit controversial but I hate coffee! Trust me, I’ve tried to like it. SEVERAL times, but I just can’t get through it. I’m a tea fan which really doesn’t give off the same joy to order as a pumpkin spiced with latte extra foam.

Staceylblogs autumn drink

Thank goodness for hot chocolates! In the meantime, I’ll just look on with only slight envy as you sip on your speciality coffees!

The Clothes

FINALLY! My time to shine. Give me boots, thick scarves, gloves and cosy coats all year round if you can. I wore some ankle boots for the first time in months this week and it was bliss. Plus, my feet don’t thank me for wearing sandals and cheap Primark pumps for months on end… Also the perfect time for an ASOS haul?

What are your favourite parts of Autumn (or Fall if you prefer!)? Let me know below!

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