I was recently lucky to do a Blogging Collab with Karmen from Karmens Korner to talk about our Blogging Journeys. Thanks so much, Karmen for talking with me 🙂 If you’d like to check out my answers make sure to visit Karmen’s Blog.

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I am 23, graduated with my Bachelor’s in Accounting, I love to write and read. I own over 200 books and pride myself on my organization and planning skills. I live in TN and have lived here my entire life. I love to travel! My first trip out of the country was a Harry Potter themed trip to London and Edinburgh; it was a trip taken prior to taking a Harry Potter college class.

What made you start your blog?

The Bold Type (currently on Netflix). I had always wanted to start one because I just really wanted to talk about things to get them out. I kept seeing lifestyle videos on YouTube and just kept thinking of my versions of those. I never had the courage to do it until one of my best friends really encouraged me to do it and then when The Bold Type aired, it just inspired me to start publishing. To add to that, I had also started bingeing Jane The Virgin(Also on Netflix), and seeing her write and get published was very encouraging as well.

What lessons do you think you have learned in your blogging journey so far?

To not sweat the little things. When I first started this blog, I maintained like 3 followers for the first 3-4 months and almost gave up on it, but now I am at 102 and counting. Another big thing I have learned is to keep playing around. My site has grown creatively so much and it’s only because I have taken the time to see what feature WordPress has to offer.

How do you fit blogging into your routine around your traditional job?

I work for a Tax firm and it’s definitely been hard, especially with tax season, but I just try to find any possible free moment where I can write. These are usually my lunch breaks, weekends, afternoons, or anytime there is a slow moment at the office. I am also a huge planner, so I usually plan an outline and a title in advance and then I just have to write the details.

How have you been dealing with the pandemic and what current restrictions are still in place?

At work we have added in glass to the window that I see clients at. We also have more cleaning sessions. We even have two separate jars for clean and used pens. Clients are now free to choose whether they wear a mask or not. Most of our clients have received vaccines since our local drug stores are now providing them by appointment.

Every store I have been in has had signs saying you have to wear a mask, but with that said, everywhere is open and we are allowed to go out. I went shopping with a friend this past weekend and we went to the mall and everything. I can’t imagine still being in lockdown.

We definitely had to restrict during the holidays, which was stressful since we are so used to spending the holidays with the whole family. It has probably been the most dramatic change in my friend group. We used to literally go out like twice a week and now we barely hang out once a month. Lots of FaceTime!

Now for some fun questions…
Favourite TV show?

Teen Wolf or The Bold Type. I have always loved the characters in Teen Wolf and the show was just so inviting, funny, and felt like I was part of it. The Bold Type is the reason I started my blog. Jane Sloan inspired me to finally give it a go. I had wanted to start one for a long time and seeing these women on the screen conquering goals has been so amazing to watch.

Favourite Movie?

Oh gosh. I would have to say Perks of Being A Wallflower! These characters are enrapturing and the underlining messages throughout the movie are beautiful. This is my comfort movie for sure!

Favourite song?

Kids by One Republic is one of those songs that always makes me tear up a little bit from nostalgia. I grew up very close with my cousins, they are practically siblings to me, so that song gets me every time. Also, any Jonas Brothers song because they were my childhood. I got to see them for their reunion tour and grazed Joe’s shoulder as he walked down the aisle to the other stage.

And lastly… what goals do you have for 2021?

One of my major goals is to read 40 books. I have a ton of books on my shelves that have sat unread and I definitely need to get them off my tbr. I also have a strong goal of money-saving. I am looking to hopefully get my own place soon, but I have set a goal to meet financially before I can move out. As far as blogging goals go, I would really love to be at 200 by the end of the year and I am looking forward to meeting my 100th post as well.  

Thank you so much Karmen for answering all my questions! You can find Karmen on Instagram here.

Thanks for reading all 🙂

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