Monday Motivation: First Steps

Happy Monday everybody.

A new week is upon us and for my UK followers the first steps 2021 to an ease in Covid restrictions. Happy rule of 6 day! Because of this I thought this weeks Monday Motivation theme of “First Steps” was most appropriate 🙂

Motivation quote first step

The problem with change, planning or goal setting is that sometimes we become so focused and disheartened by the length of time it may take to get to the finishing line, we put off ever starting at all. Speaking honestly, how many times have you put off making a change because you felt it would take so long to achieve it? Are we associating a long period of time with never?

Let’s get real for a second, say you’re thinking of starting a new business, side or full time, but in doing research you realise “oh damn this could take years to get off the ground”. Maybe it will, or maybe it won’t but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Let’s face it, the years are going by whatever you choose to do.

Starting a new fitness or health regime, working towards a promotion, getting in to the dating zone even decorating your house – whatever the goal just make sure that you focus on taking the first step, not about how fast you’ll get to the end.

Whatever you’re focusing on this week I wish you all the luck in the world – you got this!

Tip of the week: The sun is shining, get out of the house!

Song of the week: Stand Up by Cynthia Erivo

Thanks for reading,


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