Monday is here again…meaning time for this weeks Monday Motivation post. In a plot twist to the name, todays is less about motivation and more about reminding us all to just…breathe.

In the interest of transparency this month has been a struggle for me and there isn’t an understandable reason for that other than it just was. So as important as it is to feel empowered and fearless and like you can take on the world – sometimes just doing the bare minimum to get through is enough.

So, this week don’t feel like you have to change the world, just focus on keeping your head up and if all you do is get out of bed on a bad day, that’s okay. There’s always tomorrow.

Tip of the week: For the past week I’ve been using the “relax” feature on my FitBit just before I go to sleep. You don’t need a smart watch or fitness tracker, it’s basically just deep breathing for a couple of minutes but it’s helping me zone out more and calm my anxious mind.

Song of the week: Breathe

I hope your week is filled with joy and lots of laughter.