Today we have a guest post from the ladies at QuirkyWorkinMoms. Thanks so much to Marissa and Amanda for this post. I have also posted over on their blog so check it out 🙂

One fun reason we decided to start this blog is because of the different knowledge we could bring to other moms with how different our stories are. There’s one of us, Marissa who is what we like to call a seasoned mom, two girls who are a little older now and she’s already gone through so much with the motherhood process. Then there’s the other quirky workin’ mom of our duo, Amanda who is a first time mom and has a son so everything is new and fresh in mind. 

Together though, we feel like we have so many lessons to be shared on this journey of motherhood and we would like to do that today. Share our top 6 lessons as both a seasoned and new mom we have agreed on, and learned along the way! 

1. It’s ok to feel mom guilt. 
Mom guilt is so normal. The one thing we wish we learned about before becoming a mom was how much guilt you would feel over the littlest things. Like leaving for work, or for  time for yourself or when there was too much frustration that day. There’s so much guilt involved with being a mom and it’s totally normal, we all feel like that sometimes! 

2. It’s ok for your child to have a meltdown.
 I know you always think how embarrassing it would be to have your child have a meltdown in public but hey, it’s life! That’s how these little ones share their feelings. It’s how they tell you if they are tired, scared, overwhelmed. We’ve definitely learned that tantrums are ok and that they happen and sometimes they just need to let it all out.

 3. It’s okay to have “mommy meltdowns” too. 
We think it’s super healthy to express and feel your feelings! When you get it out, the relief you will feel is unmeasurable.  Of course we will cry and sometimes yell, and your kids look at you like you’re Medusa. They know you love them, and we literally call it having a “mommy meltdown”. 

4. Expect the unexpected. 
We know it can be difficult because some people are bad in stressful situations, but if you prepare for all sorts of situations it helps keep the feeling of anxiousness away. We have had many “boo-boos” and “ouchies”, but a sense of calmness is key. Being prepared had helped tremendously. Always have snacks, extra changes of clothes, and emergency numbers on hand. 

5. You never stop learning. 
There is always something new to learn and explore from infancy until your kids are older. From walking to puberty, always learning and teaching our kids new things! You may even learn things you never wanted to know! 

6. You can’t please everyone.
There is no such thing as a perfect mom. You just can’t do everything and that includes pleasing everyone. You can’t always please your kids, your partner, your parents, your in-laws or friends. It’s just impossible and us as moms we try to do everything. So give yourself grace, be kind to yourself and know you are doing everything you can!

There’s always a pressure put on being a mom. Whether you are a seasoned or new mom, we just want you to know you’re doing a great job. You are so worthy of everything and no matter what, there will always be new lessons for us all to learn on this journey we are on! 

You got this and thank you for reading! 

Love, The Quirky Workin’ Moms

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