Oh Valentines Day, the one day per year guaranteed to make any single person feel a) a bit left out and b) sick of the sight of loved-upped social media posts. Whether you’ve been single for a while or have just gotten out of relationship and are, like me (oh hey), spending this years love day alone, here’s some ideas of how you too can have a pretty good day. Or at the very least get through it unscathed…

…to watch rom-coms and eat chocolate.
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Stay away from Social Media

Lets face it, Instagram and Facebook are going to be inundated with soppy “I Love You” posts all day. Good for them and all but we don’t need to be seeing that all day. Honestly, we spend too much time on our phones anyway so use it as a perfect excuse to go phone free as much as possible. Good for the mind and eyes! Also remember that Social Media shows the highlights reel of someone’s life at the best of times. We all need to learn how to take the perfect posts with a pinch of salt.

Stay off Dating Apps

I’m talking to you, person swiping through Tinder profiles. This is an absolute no-no, dating apps are full of people wanting to take advantage of others loneliness on V Day because peoples standards tend to be lowered around this time (wrong, wrong, wrong). Plus it’s a pandemic and you can’t meet anyone anyway so lets not even fall for this trap.

Self, Love, Self Love, Self love…

So important it gets mentioned three times. We all have different ways we like to take care of ourselves…whether it’s going for a walk, putting on a sheet mask or watching Netflix. Or as, I’ve spoken about before, put Beyonce on and dance it out! Whatever it is that makes you feel your best, this is the day to do it. It might be tempting to stay in bed all day or hibernate with some Ben and Jerrys but in the long run you’ll feel better if you try to do things that bring you joy.

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Check in with your Single Friends

#Galentines πŸ’• Single people have varying levels of care when it comes to Valentines day ranging from IDGAF to emotional meltdowns on the sofa. So check in on your friends, some find it tough especially recently single ones going through a break up. Have a group Whatsapp chat or just spend the day sending memes about why relationships are awful. If ever there was a day to stick together, this is it.

You don’t have to avoid love…if you don’t want to

Readers of my blog will know I’m a huge rom-com fan, a hopeless romantic if you will. There’s nothing wrong with putting on Notting Hill or reading a soppy love story, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to avoid the prospect of love all day. I’d just stick to fiction rather than reality! However if that’s not for you, stick on a horror movie and embrace it!

And lastly…Remember relationships aren’t all perfect

Being in a loving relationship is lovely, but not everybody who is coupled up is happy right now. It’s far better to be alone then unhappy together. People waste years of their life in relationships that are never going to last because they are scared of being alone. That’s where the power of being single comes from, being comfortable alone means that you’re not dependant on someone else to be happy. So the next time you meet someone you’ll know they have to be the right one to fit into your life.

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There you go, a few alternatives to wallowing in self-pity all day and remember Valentines Day only comes once a year, it’ll be over before you know it. And then it’s obviously time to take advantage of the discounted chocolate and flowers!

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Tell me your worst (or best) stories below πŸ™‚

Stacey x