Something I haven’t really spoken about on here is my love for TV. It’s true, I am a TV junkie. Specifically, a good TV series drama that I can get thoroughly, emotionally invested in. It will have the following criteria:

  1. A long running romance arc (obviously)
  2. Some humorous moments
  3. Some (many) episodes that will make you cry more than is normal (healthy) due to the heartbreak or demise of a fictional character.
  4. Some damn good speeches that make you feel All. The. Feels. (I’m looking at you Meredith “You don’t get to call me a whore” Grey.)

Meet all 4 criteria and *ding, ding, ding* we have a winner. To contradict myself slightly, despite my love of said TV shows I actually rarely start new ones. I tend to rewatch ones I already love, knowing how it almost always ends so sweetly and of the shows I have watched, there are four that have a special place in my heart.


I was about 8 years old when I started watching this show with my Dad. I remember quite vividly one Christmas getting a box of Friends tapes on VHS (I’m old kids) and being so, so happy. Despite probably only understanding 50% of what was going on, even through child eyes I knew this show was special. Now, 29 year old me would challenge anybody to any form of Friends trivia challenge, anyone except my sister that is! I have watched every episode multiple times and reciting the lines before the character says them is one of my party tricks. It’s sweet, charming, genuinely funny and if I’m having a bad day is the perfect remedy.

Fave Ep: “The One With Ross’ Tan” for laughs or “The Last One” for bittersweet joy.

One Tree Hill

I think every teenager goes through some kind of education through a TV show and One Tree hill was mine. Naley, Brucas, Leyton, Brulian..OTH is the Queen of partnerships. Not only did I love the friendships and the strong female representation but I fell in love with…well love. Nathan and Haleys love story is epic, and rain has never been more romantic! Some need Shakespeare, Austen or Hardy… apparently all I needed was an angsty teen drama to make me believe in love. Different strokes for different folks…Although as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised quite how crazy successful these kids were at such young ages. We had a Popstar, an author, a CEO and a record label exec all at the grand old ages of 22! But OTH fans can all agree the show’s storylines definitely stretch the limits of imagination. Crazy nanny anyone?

Fave Ep: School Shooting – a turning point for the show.

My Mad Fat Diary

I have to be honest, when it first started being advertised I had a massive eye roll moment. If I remember correctly there was a clip included in the promo of lead character, Rae, getting stuck on a poolside and I internally cringed. I thought that this was going to be a show that mocked an overweight teen – we don’t need more of that in the world! I couldn’t have been more wrong. I cannot tell you how much this show meant to me when I started watching it. Epic, heart wrenching, beautiful, emotional, funny…there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the different elements of this show. Never have I related to a character more than I did Rae, and Sharon Rooney as Rae Earl is a phenomenal casting choice, not to mention the intro of Jodie Comer. Love, love LOVE this show. Seven years on, still recommending it to anyone who’ll listen. P.s. The music is also incredible!

Fave Ep: 2×07 “Glue”, the counselling session still gives me goosebumps.

Grey’s Anatomy

Well, well, well Greys Anatomy. I started watching this show on the recommendation of my sister and instantly became gripped. When I started watching, it was on season 12 – that is a hell of a lot of episodes to binge watch! A couple of weeks after I started watching the show, I had an unexpected loss of a friend and, in the nights where I just couldn’t switch off, I would stay up for hours just watching episode after episode of this show. It really helped me, partly because it’s a really emotional show and I spent a lot of time crying, which I think helped with my grief. Never have I cried more at a TV show than I have at this one and never have I said I’m going to stop watching a show more than I have this one! Haha! Sometimes it gets a bit much…but I love it and I’ll watch it forever. We’re on season 16 now so if you are thinking of watching it, be prepared for quite a rollercoaster journey of emotions! I have reaction texts on my phone from several friends that have watched it – absolutely inconsolable!

Fave Ep: A recent one – 15×19 “Silent all these years”. If you watch just one ep watch this one – so powerful. The hallway scene gives me chills.

There we have it, the most important 4 TV shows I have ever watched. All thoughts are obviously my opinion only, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also recommendations for new shows in the comments please ☺️

Thanks for reading

Stacey x