I’m going to go out on a limb here and say we’ve all been there – feeling like you’re experiencing disappointment after disappointment. Having a run of bad luck, like the world isn’t on your side or you’re taking one step forward and, without fail, two steps back? I know I have. Truthfully that’s how I’m feeling right now. I have had an ongoing joke with my sister for years over the many occasions where luck seems to have found a fan in her. Childish, probably, but if you knew her you’d kinda get it. You know the kind of person that wins competitions, gets free stuff in the mail, has shopping scan for half the price at checkout? That’s my sis! Last week after she delightfully rang me to tell me about another strike of luck she’d had, I was halfway into my playful eyeroll when I had a realisation; that perhaps it appears she ‘wins at life’ more often because she doesn’t expect to lose. Whereas I can be guilty of sitting with a preconceived attitude that there’s no way I won’t. If there’s anything we should have learnt by the year 2020 it’s that a negative attitude gets you nowhere.

What’s luck?

Surely it’s just a old myth that we throw around to make us feel like there is some control over how life plays out. My guess: I don’t think that it is luck we are craving, it is the hope that something exists outside of our own actions that can positively impact the events in our life. I like to think I’m quite a rational person and I don’t practice a religion but I sometimes still cling to the idea that there is a little bit of magic in the world. That I’m not completely alone in my path, that there is some version of fate out there that will guide me to make good choices and, as long as I remain worthy of them, lead me to great things.

Mostly because if it is all down to me…I’m kind of screwed. I make bad decisions all the time, I stay in situations that make me miserable because it’s easier than taking the jump, I have absolutely no personal budgeting control and don’t get me started on my poor diet choices. I am now reaching a point in my life, very belatedly, where I need to realise that my every day decisions drive my future and that, despite all of my many, many wishes, Mrs Luck isn’t going to deliver a tax rebate big enough to pay off my credit card next month or magically remove 30 pounds from my waistline with minimal to zero effort. Fuming about that last one by the way…

Do you believe?

One thing I do know is that projecting negativity or an “I deserve better- why is this happening to me” attitude isn’t going to help welcome good things into my life. So I hereby promise to stop waiting for luck to come find me, be brave enough to jump once in a while and start making some positive changes!

And you never know maybe one day a little bit of magic may come my way. Life’s too serious to stop having faith that dreams can come true no matter how implausible. It is possible that the person, the goal, the result you are hoping for…is on it’s way and it’s getting to you as fast as it can.

S x


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