Hi…Welcome to my first blog, let me introduce myself.

I’m Stacey, and today I turned 29. In my quest to make the last year of my twenties “count” I’ve decided to document the next year of my life.

Staceylblogs first blog

A few months ago I was having a conversation with a colleague about personality traits in comparison with star signs (no judgement please) and a typical Taurus is witty, creative but stubborn. Now the stubborn trait was instantly accepted (fair) however she said “well you’re not creative” and it took me by surprise. There was no harm intended. I work in corporate, a career I fell into and I’m not exactly open with my hobbies. Partly because I am flaky and partly because I’m scared. So whilst I have countless pages of novel ideas, character outlines and a stalled beginning of a script all sitting on my laptop from the past few years, how could I ever expect anybody to know this side of me if I keep it to myself?

The first blog – Why blogging?

I’m a writer at heart but in practice I do very little, I’m not sure if it’s because I spent the last 25-ish years being scared of failing or caring what people thought. Because when you put yourself out there, creatively I mean, you are opening yourself up to a certain level of scrutiny. However, I believe that when it comes to expressing yourself, whether through writing, music or art, one should do so with a certain level of “I don’t give a shit”. There’s my first trait by the way…I am a swearer, I once heard someone call it a “sentence enhancer” and it stuck with me. It is a flaw and I apologise in advance, but I’m a passionate person. Something I hope you will come to find for yourself, if you stick with me.

So here I find myself, at midnight following a birthday in lockdown writing my first blog. It’s 2020 if you’re reading this down the line…I hope we were let out eventually?

Lockdown Birthday 2020

29…How did that happen? I swear I was 19 two years ago. I wish I was one of those people that embraced getting older but honestly, it scares the crap out of me. I suppose I’m not exactly where I thought I would be at this age. But more on that later.

Thanks for reading.

S x